Crescător Deposit

Each month, more and more savings.


You have a fixed interest rate, higher every month, while the money is held at the bank, during the deposit period. You shall know from the outset the exact amount you shall receive at maturity.


Savings can only be multiplied, as we do not charge commissions for opening or withdrawing cash on the maturity date. The deposit made at First Bank is guaranteed by The Deposit Guarantee Fund.


You have access at any time to the monthly paid interest. You can always supplement your deposit, even double it. You receive the interest, even if you withdraw the money before maturity.


Find out all you need to know that so your savings can keep growing.

  • Term of establishment: 6 months or 12 months.
  • Minimum amount: LEI 4,000 / EUR 1,000. Interest payment: monthly.
  • Additional deposits: at any time up to the maturity of the deposit, provided that the initial amount of the deposit together with the amount of subsequent deposits does not exceed 2 times the initial deposit.
  • Withdrawals before maturity:
  1.  in the first month after the establishment, the received interest shall be the one for the current account;
  2. after at least one month from the establishment date, the interest received for the period while the deposit was opened is the one for the first month.

What is your gain

You hold the control, because through the fixed interest rate we offer, you know from the outset what the gain generated by your money shall be, for the term chosen by you.

Make a deposit for the term that fits you best and you get to see how your money is making money!

Our dedicated staff is at your disposal for any information about our products and services at tel. 021 303 69 69 or 0800 801 802.

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